100% directly expressed juice
So many songs are dedicated to it! So many paintings! And we approached not only creatively, but also with a desire to benefit, so we created natural Grante cherry juice. What is it good for?


Preservative free

DOES NOT contain colorants

Without GMO

For starters, cherry juice contains a lot of coumarins - active substances with analgesic, antispasmodic, diuretic, antimicrobial and soothing effects. Coumarines normalize blood clotting, which helps prevent the formation of blood clots.

Cherry is an excellent remedy for reduced hemoglobin. This product perfectly strengthens the walls of the smallest vessels, which helps to avoid hemorrhage.  

In addition, this product has flavonoids, which act simultaneously as a defender and builder of cells. By the way, this quality is used for preventive purposes in the treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.


Продукт содержит:

Grante products are subject to constant quality control at all stages of production. The laboratory of the plant, which carries out complex chemical-technical and bacteriological control of production, is equipped with the most modern equipment and consists of three main departments:


(to control the organoleptic characteristics of products)

microbiology department

(with sowing chamber and thermostatic holding)

chemical department

(for chemical analytical research and control)

Ingredients: cherry juice reconstituted

Volume: 750 ml