Pomegranate oil is obtained from pomegranate seeds by cold pressing. Pomegranate oil is a natural source of unique fatty acid Omega 5 and vitamin E. The use of Omega fatty acids from natural products is extremely beneficial for all cells of the body without exception.

Preservative free

DOES NOT contain colorants

Without GMO


Grante products are subject to constant quality control at all stages of production. The laboratory of the plant, which carries out complex chemical-technical and bacteriological control of production, is equipped with the most modern equipment and consists of three main departments:

дегустационное отделение

(для контроля органолептических показателей продукции)

микробиологическое отделение

(с посевной камерой и термостатной выдержкой)

химическое отделение

(для химико-аналитической исследований и контроля)

Ingredients: top quality directly expressed Extra Virgin olive oil, top quality direct expressed pomegranate seed oil

Nutritional value: fats - 98.0 g

Energy value in 100 g: 882 kcal

Volume: 250 ml