Professional bar and coffee syrup
Grante products are annually awarded with many prizes at prestigious international competitions: gold medal "Innovation in the composition of the product", gold at the international competition "Best Product", grand prix at the tasting competition "Product of the Year", 2 gold medals at the international exhibitions Erfrut (Germany) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria). Each year the plant and all products are being tested and receive certificates confirming the high level of quality.

Without GMO

The syrup with red currant flavor is developed according to the recipe of the best bartenders of the country. It is the standard of combination of taste, color and aroma. It gives the drink a refined sour-sweet taste of juicy red currant and an expressive smell of freshness with notes of cheerfulness and coolness. Its consistency - without clots and sediment, makes it universal. Such syrup can be added to coffee, tea, alcoholic cocktails, smoothies and milk. You only need a few drops to give the right flavor. It is very economical to use, has attractive packaging and mixes perfectly with all kinds of products.

Grante products are subject to constant quality control at all stages of production. The laboratory of the plant, which carries out complex chemical-technical and bacteriological control of production, is equipped with the most modern equipment and consists of three main departments:


(to control the organoleptic characteristics of products)

microbiology department

(with sowing chamber and thermostatic holding)

chemical department

(for chemical analytical research and control)

Ingredients: sugar, acidity regulator citric acid, flavoring red currant, grape colorant anthocyanine, preservatives sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, water.

Nutritional value (100g): carbohydrates - 65.0 g  

Energy value - 260 kcal / 1105 kJ